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Red Bank is ready for a change. We are a different municipality from the one formed over 100 years ago. We need a government in step with our residents’ needs and diverse demographic. The Charter Study begins that process.

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What is a Charter Study? 

Charter Study Commission is an option for Red Bank Residents to pursue a change in our local municipal form of government. 

On the ballot this year is a ballot question, asking to form a charter study commission. Red Bank Residents can simultaneously vote yes or no to form a commission and also vote to select its members (if it passes), with the top five candidates becoming the members of the commission.

Think of the Charter Study as an independent study to assess our form of government in Red Bank. 

Please note: the Charter Study has no bearing on, or affiliation with the Red Bank Charter School.

A Once in a Generation Question

The Charter Study allows for Red Bank to do a deep dive at its current form of government and to make an informed decision on what changes may be needed to our municipal government.

Why Change Our Form Of Government?

Red Bank's current borough form of government is one of the oldest forms of government in New Jersey. The borough form was introduced in the 1880's-1890's & reflects the values of that era. When Red Bank incorporated in 1908 it took this form of government.

Charter Study Timeline


Referendum on proposal for Charter Study Commission and election of the commission members. This is where we currently are in the process.


Charter Study Commission meets & organizes. This occurs within 15 days of the election. The commission selects a chairperson, sets meetings & adopts procedures.


Commission begins planning, and takes a deep dive on the positives and negatives of our current form of government, as well as alternative forms of government.


The recommendation from the Commission is presented to the governing body who call for a referendum vote.


If the referendum is approved, elections for new municipal officers are held based on the new form of government recommended by the Commission.


Why Vote Yes

It's time we took a long hard look at our municipal government and the way it operates. 

In 2018, the borough commissioned an official report to assess how well our current government is being run. Click here to read the report.

The first recommendation from that report was to address our current form of government.  These are direct quotes taken from page two of that report:

“We are all out of sync. I don’t know what the goals and objectives of the Mayor and Council are.”

“We can’t continue the way we are.”

"We have been sliding downhill for years now, with too many divided responsibilities for too long and then just plain neglect.” “I feel like I have eight bosses, all telling me different things to do.”

Presently, our current borough form of government is one of the oldest forms of government in New Jersey. When Red Bank incorporated in 1908, some of the municipal priorities that existed then may seem trivial today. Included among them are things like: regulating street auctions, stray dogs, gambling, fruit sales, and horse "parking." 

In its current form, our government in Red Bank is antiquated and the least inclusive or least democratic form of government in New Jersey. This needs to change.

The Faulkner Act of 1950 gave New Jersey municipalities more options than the original form of government. Nearly 1/4th of all New Jersey municipalities are currently represented by a "Faulknerized" municipal government. 

Who To Vote For On the Charter Study Commission

Meet The Charter Study Team

We are a bipartisan group of residents who want to represent our fellow Red Bankers to explore the very serious questions of how our government represents our municipal needs.

Nancy Facey-Blackwood
  • Red Bank Resident for 5 years
  • Red Bank Environmental Commission Chair, Member since 2017
  • Experienced Telecom Systems Engineer/Analyst
Scott Broschart
  • Red Bank Resident for 8 years
  • Chief Marketing Officer, All American Restoration
  • Recipient, 2020 Good Samaritan Award, Red Bank Rivercenter
Ben Forest
  • Red Bank Resident for 25 years
  • Red Bank Borough Board of Education, Member since 2004, President 2013 – 2015.
  • Board Member, Clean Water Action of NJ
Mark Taylor
  • Lifelong Red Bank Resident
  • President of Red Bank Education Foundation
  • Former Councilman for Red Bank Borough
Kate Okeson
  • Red Bank Resident for 13
  • 7 year Member and
    Current Chair, Red Bank
    Human Relations Advisory
  • High School Educator for
    24 years


Learn More About The Charter Study From The Experts

The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers has one of the premier public planning programs in the nation. Below you will find a 26 page report from them outlining changing municipal government.

The New Jersey League of Municipalities has several pages of content available on the types of municipal government available to municipalities in New Jersey, as well as details on the Charter Study Commission.

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